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Our complete-welded link chain for general purpose
brings higher safety to you

link chain 1

What’s the difference from other chains?

Even if the external appearances look the same, the welding penetration depth is different, and it affects the safety of the chain.

link chain 11 link chain 3

As you see in the photo of cut section of a link, the welding penetration of our chain is perfect, and the other of an imported chain is shallow, which means that the link of the imported chain is not linked thoroughly and is easy to be broken.

link chain 9

Chain is a series of connected links. All the links should be welded thoroughly one by one. One imperfect-welded link will lead up to serious incidents.

link chain 2 link chain 10

A tensile strength tester, which has been inspected and certificated by NIPPON KAIJI KENTEI KYOKAI, has been installed and makes the in-house tensile strength test up to a tensile load of 30 tons practical. We can provide Inspection Certificate and Material Certificate (Mill Cert.) along with the goods according to your request.

tester 2 tester 1

You can choose among our various kinds of chains as follows:

STANDARD Our Own Standard
Japanese Standard (JIS F2106)
American Standard (ASTM A413-72)

link chain 4
link chain 5
link chain 6
link chain 7
link chain 8
link chain 12
link chain 13

chain list Swing Color Chain Stainless Steel Link Chain Swing Chain Stainless Steel Protection Chain with PVC tube Aluminum Color Protection Chain with PVC tube Stainless Steel Regular Chain Stainless Steel Ball Chain Stainless Steel Coupling, Connector Stainless Steel Mantel Chain Stainless Steel Victor Chain Stainless Steel Link Chain Non-welding Stainless Steel Twist Link Chain Copper Chain Brass Chain Brass Victor Chain Titanium Chain Aluminum Chain, Plain Finish Aluminum Color Chain,Anodized Fancy Mini Chain Chain Eye Chain Reel Stainless Steel Link Chain for Wheel Cut Chain Pocket Chain