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Stainless Steel Chains & Metal Chains

Our Complete-Welded Link Chain Brings Higher Safety to you

MIZKEN INC. offers an extensive range of high quality stainless steel chains in various shapes & many different diameters. Our chains have been used for a wide range of fields, like industry, interior, exterior, harbor facility, etc.

What's Special About Our Chains?

Even if the external appearances look the same, the welding penetration depth is different, and it affects the safety of the chain. As you see in the photo of cut section of a link below, the welding penetration of our chain is perfect, and the one of an other companies' chain is shallow, which means that the link of the other companies' chain is not linked thoroughly and is easy to be broken.  Imperfect-welded chain will lead up to serious incidents because the "welded" part breaks unexpectedly, and you cannot foresee that.
MIZKEN INC. is confident in safety of our chains. When a load is applied to the chain too much, the links are transformed considerably before it breaks so that you can check the condition easily.

stainless steel chains welding penetration
stainless steel chains broken

Inspection Certificate and Material Certificate (Mill Cert.) can be provided along with the goods according to your request. A tensile strength tester, which has been inspected and certificated by NIPPON KAIJI KENTEI KYOKAI, has been installed and makes the in-house tensile strength test up to a tensile load of 30 tons practical.

About Material


SUS304 The most commonly-used stainless steel.
It is used for a wide range of facilities: food facilities, general checmical facilities, nuclear facilities, etc.
chemical components of SUS304
SUS316 Having more excellent corrosion resistance to sea water, etc. than SUS304.
It is used for seawater pumps, piping components, marine components, valves, etc.
chemical components of SUS316
SUS316L Having grain boudary corrosion resistance in addition to the property of SUS316.
It is used at the places where high corrosion resistance & pitting corrosion resistance are required such as seawater.
chemical components of SUS316L
SUS310S Fully non-magnetic stainless steel. It excels in oxidation resistance.
It is often used as a heat resistant steel.
chemical components of SUS310S
SUS420J2 Having high strength.
It is often used for edged tools, nozzles, valves, valve seats, anti-theft chains, etc.
chemical components of SUS420J2


NCF600 (Inconel600) The standard material having high oxidation resitance and corrosion resistance under high temperature.
It is often used for manufacturing equipment of chemical industries and food industries, heat exchanger, nuclear reactor component, electronic apparatus component, etc. chemical components of NCF600
NCF625 (Inconel625) Having superior corrosion resistance under a wide range of an environment from low temerature to high temperature. It also excels in creep strength under high temperature.
It is often used for manufacturing facility of chemical industries, anti-pollution equipment, nuclear fusion reactor facilities, nuclear reactor component, component of aerospace equipment, seawater treatment facilities, etc. chemical components of NCF625
NCF800 (Incoloy800) Having great resistance to oxidation and carburization under high temperature in addition to high corrosion resistance.
It is often used for outer cylinder for sheathed heater, heat exchanger & piping for chemical & petrochemical industries, carburizing apparatus, nuclear steam generator tube, etc. chemical components of NCF800